Many people having seen bowls competitions on TV, or maybe having stopped to watch a game in progress in their local park have at some time thought , “I wouldn't mind giving that a try”.

Probably the number one reason you haven't tried bowls yet is that it is considered by those not involved in the game to be a sport for the older folk. Bowls IS a great pastime for many older people, but it is also a great sport for all, including younger folk. The under 25 scene is flourishing both at County, National and International level, but for those of you just that bit older, it is a terrific way to keep your competitive spirit going when your more active days in cricket, football or tennis are coming to an end.

Bowls is for ALL ages and for ALL levels of ability.

 The next reason is that people decide they wouldn't be any good at the game. This really is a terrible excuse as no one is any good when they first start, let's face it the wretched balls don't even roll in a straight line for heavens sake. Having already watched the game do you really think you are going to be playing against top internationals Alex Marshall or David Gourlay the first time you go on the green?

 When you finally decide to give the game a try, your first call should be to your local Bowls Club, all clubs welcome potential new members, so believe me, they will be overjoyed to hear from you. They will arrange for you to meet the club coach, he/she will be a volunteer who has qualified through various courses at their own expense to do the job they love, coaching newcomers to the game.

They will show you the basics of the game and ensure your delivery of the bowls is correct, yes the object of the game is  to get as many bowls as you can, as close to the little white ball at the other end of the green as you can. Yes - bowls is that simple.  

Next move, if you have enjoyed the coaching session or sessions, is joining the club. This will enable you to, as we call it, go for roll ups. These are sessions when you can practice on your own or with friends or other members, you make the decision as to when you go for these, most greens are available for roll ups from midday onwards, greens are divided into  rinks so even when a game is in progress there are usually rinks available for roll ups.  (Article from the Kent County Bowls website)

For more information regarding Tonbridge Bowling Club free sessions please contact  Roger Davies on 01732 358528 or email to




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